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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost, originally uploaded by vonMonkey.

An intersting take on a classic...

The Emperor's Club

The Emperor's Club, originally uploaded by Brandon Schaefer.

I think this is beautiful.
Im not even sure why.
Firstly, Im sure it's the colours, lots, bright but muted, like low opacity.
Layers is proably something else Im attracted too.
Strong element of pattern and structure.
The mix of straight verticals with swirls.

I want to doodle.


You know what I miss? Sketchbooks.
There really is a difference between Sketch and Module and I'm preferring the old ways at the moment.

I shall create my own sketchbooks [HOPEFULLY IF I HAVE MAKE TIME], I wonder if they can be marked later on? Although, there would be more than one project ideas in it...hmm

These are some inspiring images from the Sketchbook Flickr pool.

Revista Drops, originally uploaded by MarceloLamarca.

draw everyday 2008!, originally uploaded by _christine.

September sketchbook, originally uploaded by ATeaLeaf.

More Hands, originally uploaded by earthcube.

#43 / The Flower Shop, originally uploaded by Buñuel.

the contents of my backpack, originally uploaded by earthcube.

Practice 2, originally uploaded by j a i m e r s.

Lucky Day (cont.) sketch, originally uploaded by Marina Chaccur.

Around the corner lies the answer, originally uploaded by Mortinea.

Sketch, originally uploaded by PleaseFlush!.

Sketchbook France, originally uploaded by sarra seren.

Meet people out, originally uploaded by Mortinea.

I've always been [RUBBISH] at sketchbooks, and it wasn't until National Diploma Yr2 and seeing what the
A Level kids were doing, that I actually WANTED to do them. So I will. I think.


I found this set of brilliant packaging via yes please blog.

It's clever. And looks good.
I mean, I'd have it on show at home!

One down

First module is all handed in.

Presentation went alot better than I thought...and has cemented the fact that I want to do a placement at Tigerprint...maybe next Summer? Although, I don't believe that I am good enough to do my own briefs etc I feel as though, I should have my own style before going somewhere so...wow.

I want to do me-art now.
Must finish other projects first.

Too busy for blogging...

And yet here I am.

I'm thinking during the holidays [SINCE WE HAVE UNTIL FEB] I will focus on inspirations.
I will blog more.
I will blog more designery-arty-crafty- things.
I will start one of those sketchbooks that's sitting on the 'sketchbook' shelf.


Lists lists lists

I have my lists.
I know what needs to be done.
I know what cant be done.

Question is, where to start?

Artists survival guide

Looky loo



So I feel MUCH better today.

Just arrived home from Leeds, Bradford and Tigerprint Studios.
It was amazing.
Im doing the right course. Most definately.

Im actually excited to do my presentation and write my report.
I even have a propostition for the designers of UCS...

Death becomes her

Im so tired. And stressed.
I honestly, have no idea how I am going to get all that I need to do in the time I have to do it.
It's 2 weeks until the end the semmester, I've already compromised most of my projects so far with having to work so much to pay the fees...

Does anyone have Bernard's Watch?

School of Saatchi: Update

"What does good art do?

Ideally it makes you see something differently
It makes you see through the eyes of the artist
The world looks different
It may make you think differently
It may make you feel different

It has to affect a change in the mind of the viewer"
 "You don't have to be good at life drawing to be an artist"

Spoken like a true installation 'artist'.
"I stand for good British art...not shite"

Love it.

THE question...what is GOOD art?

School of Saatchi

Just flicked over to BBC 2 and caught the last 15 minutes of what looks to be the new Design for Life...although "recluse" Charles Saatchi doesn't mentor, he simply judges the participating artists.

Has anyone else seen this?
I didn't even realise it was on...did I miss a good first two episodes or is it not worth holding out for...

Im not into conceptual art anyways =]

Studio Visit: Update

After a lengthy wait for a final date, I have my interview at the Tigerprint Studios booked.

December 8th 2009

I may not be able to speak to any of the designers as this is THE busiest time for greetings card designers (heh) but I will be speaking to Studio Manager, Anna Woods at the main studio in Bradford.

Im so nervous.
I hope there's one designer who can spare a moment, as Im not sure if she will be able to answer my questions on influences and inspirations, but we shall see.

Hoarded 3

For everyone who shudders at the thought of quilling
Imagining old ladies gathered at the village hall on a Sunday afternoon
With their pre bought blank greetings cards

Tell me this isn't AMAZING Graphic Design...

YULIA BRODSKAYA @ artyulia.com


I was googling "how to create a good layout" and after a fwe clicks here and there came across this little find
A collection of various interesting [and not so] graphic design...this is the one that sold it to me...


100 Ideas [in progress]

You know the drill...

For artists eyes only

It's not specifically for art...but as artists, we see things that others necesarily dont.
Check this out at Nigel's blog

75 ways to Draw More

Lists on what to draw.

9) Make a bad drawing when you first wake up

Now you do it.

Joys of Blogs

Found a ceramicist via etsy and came across this image on his blog

I have an idea, that might have to come into play while on this course...

I would create a blank object; A BOX A BOOK A PAPER BAG and have the class cover one each. What a great exhibition that would be? Filling a space with identical objects and diverse designs. It would be the designs made focus ratehr than the object in question.
A blank canvas doesn't have to a an actual canvas...does it?

Hell...I want to do this myself anyways! Paperbags all the way...easy to store aswell.

No wedding blues

Muslim brides wait for rituals to begin during a Muslim mass marriage in Ahmadabad, India. 81 couples got married at the event.

How do they know they're marrying the right one...

Southern Cement

As you may (or may not) know, I am the graphic designer for Southern Cement, Ipswich. Like Dad ALWAYS said "Its about who you know". So thanks to Simon, a small favour has turned into a nice side project for me to get in some practise and experience in the business.

I have just finished my latest project, a Maintenance Log Sheet for the Manager.
Awkward. Why you ask? Because he only has access to Microsoft Word. Which meant VERY stupid tables to get around. And he wanted it A3...which Word doesn't like.
4 hours later, I'm done and dusted.

A mug of hot choc and some doodles are in order now
[before I get on with the next project Cement Bag re-designs]

Hoarded 2

This is something I found recently via another blog I follow and love the idea. It's simple, yet looks the part...mixing pattern with line drawings. Two of my favourite things. Something I may have to refer to in my Digital Project 1.


Here comes The Bride

No not me...funny.

Although I love wedding ides, going is so much effort! I'm looking forward to the sweetie bar however...bet it wont come close to my ideas for Mum's 50th Alys in Wonderland party.

Maybe I should take my new-found-love-of-doing-line-drawings and illustrate the ideas I have so far?

Times to Think

On my own and distracted by the Ben and Jerry's in the freezer I started to think about all of the work I have to. Uni plus Claire's plus Card Factory is a recipe for disaster, and I'm determined for it NOT to be.

One thought: need to finish
Two thought: layout layout layout
Three thought: must stop eating ice cream

London trip was...eventful. Images soon.


Studio Visit

I didn't think I'd actually get the chance to go, but the lovely guys at Tigerprint Studio are allowing me to go up to their home base to see how it all works in the 'real' world.

The closest I have ever got to a studio was in Year 9 at a MEN ONLY printers. It was awful. Although I did get to turn on my first Mac. Good times.

So, I'm now moving up to a 30 designer team, specialising in greeting cards for M&S at the busiest time of the year. Cannot wait.

Hoarded 1

At the start of term I heard someone say
"as designers we have the tendancy to hoard things of interest"

I knew there was a scientific reason behind the madness this squirrel drey of a flat.
And that is what I will tell people.


Number One comes from way back...quick idea for something to do just after January hand-ins!


Somewhere for...

A place for all my new works.
Things done at, for, and inspired by university.

Somewhere for all these thoughts, graphics, and hoarded paper fancies.


Coming soon...