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What Type are You?

I can't remember which blog I found this link on [APOLOGIES:PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA] but it's an intersting 'quiz' from Pentagram.

Im Archer Hairline

What type are you?

Stop Motion Craft

Animation was never my thing.
I liked the idea of being precise with the handrawn process, but wished I had more time to do something PERFECT and didn't like plastine moulding. At. All.

Stop motion, was something I appreciated more [I DONT KNOW WHY] but didn't really understand, or want to understand...I just liked how it looked.
I can't remember the first stop motion videos I saw, but one that everyone will know is the the new
Ford Fiesta advertisment ["THIS IS NOW" 2009] with the tumbling TVs that turn into the car...here.

Here's one that fascinates me. It combines papercutting with stop motion.

Bizarre client requests


"Comic Sans would be nice"

Nigel will be turning :)

Click click! | Pikaland

I need to do mroe traditional.
If this isn't inspiration enough, then I don't know what is.

Click click! Pikaland

What this space. I WILL have some art up soon.

9 tips to be more creative

"Sitting still won’t bring new ideas in"
Read more here.

Oh my...

I want to make this...now.

If you're as tempted as me follow right here.


Im glad to have something to do now.
I found some amazing photographs via the Lovely Pieces blog, and it's perfect for the new project.

Read full post here.


Right place at the right time.

I happened to be on Facebook at the moment Sam was.
He happened to mention some homework sheet he was given on hand-in day.

Turns out, our class has a homework project we should be doing during this time-off, that no-one thought to mention to us.
I bet no-one will turn up to class with anything, and the tutors will wonder why.

So many blogs, so much time

My 1st free evening and Im catching up with all my blogs, the ones I have missed over the last 4 weeks and some new ones suggested to me.

It has come to my direct attention that I have only inspirations on here.
Until then...

Cirque du Soleil

One of my Christmas presents was tickets to see the new Cirque du Soleil show, this is the first time I have seen them in England [THEY HAPPENED TO BE IN UNIVERSAL STUDIOS WHEN ME AND JO WERE THERE AT AN UNBELIEVABLE PRICE] and I cant wait.

The snow, may cause some troubles, and we're leaving early just incase everything is late. But I am hoping to take a trip to the V&A while we're round the corner and get lots of photos for inspiration!

Hoarded 4

So we all now know that I love pattern. Pattern and print. [NOW THAT WOULD MAKE A GOOD BLOG TITLE]
This is one of my flickr favs, understandably so.
I do have a thing for brights, and I hate to admit that pink is one of my top 3, so this with it's island style illustration that could so easily be repeated into a gorgeous OTT wallpaper or more appropriate fabric, caught my eye.

I want to get some more traditional practise in during the coming time off, and this is something I may turn it into. Who knows, maybe I'll find my style after all.

KATE'S WISH @ sweetjenniferkate

Free online classes

The New year not only brings us the rush of diets and gym memberships, and the diy bug, it brings the new classes available by Creativetechs.

I have enrolled on two classes so far, Photoshop and Illustrator CS4 basics [ALTHOUGH THE ILLUSTRATOR ONE I FIZZLED OUT OF], and I have just signed up for the Wednesday InDesign class.

It's basically a live tutorial.
The guys in Seattle host a presentation-type tutorial to a few people in their studio and because they are so gracious, they link the 'seminar' to us all FOR FREE through the internet.
Think webcam to webcam...minus the webcams.
Webinar. Clever.
Because it's live, you get the chance to ask questions if there's anything you dont quite understand.

So anyways, I though I would let you all into my little secret training resource.
The full ist of classes for 2010 is here