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Strike Three and Im Out!

That's all folks!

First year of my degree complete. It's funny how immediate you can feel less stressed. As soon as I had handed over my folder, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoudlers.
Now it's the waiting game.
Results are in the first week of July, and I know Im not going to do as well as I want to, but that is something that I will work on ready for the second year.

Strike Two

Second hand-in is all done. This was for History of Modern Graphic Design and I admit I am not happy. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I couldn't get all that I wanted to be done, done, so I had a bit of a mope last night [AAW]

Had my last tutorial for Ideas Generation before hand-in on Friday.
Not good.
Ever get into a situation and you wish that you were just told in the beginning...



Strike One

After a very long night my first round of hand-ins is done.

Type as Image, which has turned out to be my favourite this semester, is all over!
I was worried about my time management but thanks to some good habits in January, I had most of my module book already complete. It was trying to figure out Adobe Premier at 3am with a rapidly slowly computer that did me over...

Really pleased with my Blurb pages [CAN'T GO WRONG WITH MACRO SHOTS] and hopefully the entire classes finals will be published.
I have volunteered to help put together the book...being able to organise text and images for a book is a handy skill to have I think!

Images to be posted later today.


I realise although I have been trying to keep uptodate with reading blogs, I haven't actually updated my own for a while.

We have 2 weeks left of the semester [AND THE END OF YEAR ONE] and things are getting manic in the studio...more appropriately, the flat. I have completely ramsacked the place with sketchbooks and papers and pens and pencils and many many To-Do-Lists.

Thus my poor deglected blog!
Roll on the 21st, being my last hand-in day and the unveiling of my Summer Resolutions.