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Paper Trickery

This is a cool bit of paper engineering.

Crew Design: Time Lapse Magazine Spread Layout

I found this whilst researching. Yes I got distracted. But this IS infact related to what I'm researching. No, it really is.

Crew Design: Time Lapse Magazine Spread Layout

View...especially if you think your friend/child/co-worker isn't doing much at all on their Graphic Design course. Mum.

Wood Type

I really do like this sort of thing. I think I am gaining more appreciation for typography since I started the course...it was definitely something I was not interested in.



Now, I would happily have some type on my walls...probably in a font that 'real' Graphic Designers would hate me for. Graphic Designers with typography are kind of like wine connoisseurs; they know the difference between a full-bodied red and a crisp white.
I just drink whatever I think tastes good!

I have decided to choose Handmade Typography as the working title of my essay for Critical & Creative Approaches to Design this semester, and I am in the process of developing my own personal project involving words and type.

Look at me go!

Wood Type

Even Graphic Designers have leftovers. I'm all for wood type at the moment, be it letterpress blocks or wallart...is this gorgeous or what?

Picture 14

Picture 16

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