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Day 28

Day 28 is UNIQUE

This is a pattern made from my fingerprint made using a differnet way of creating seamless patterns. It is easier to place your imagery, but harder to know how it will look once tiled. I lvoe the idea, colour and style of this...but I think I would prefer the pattern to be more abstract. You can see the repeat too easily.

Look at me keeping up with the pace! I must admit, I'm thinking about the next day's drawing and it's distracting me from researching homework.

Day 27

Project 365, Day 27 is LISTEN

Day 26

Project 365, Day 26 is Minun

This is another Pokemon, who looks the same as the Plusle but different colours and symbol. As in plus and minus. Clever. So what did i do? A co-ordinating pattern! I don't know why, but the pattern looks Christmassy to me...I will have to try this one out in blue/white/silver and red/white/green.

Day 25

Project 365, Day 25 is PLUSLE

I had to Google what a Plusle was...it's a Pokemon. Yes, this IS a challenge after all!

I was stumped on what to do until I got the idea of using the symbol and colour scheme that represents said creature to create a pattern. I love ogees (the pinchy-oval shape), and after making a base shape in Illustrator (there must be an easier way - tutorials here I come), I basically filled in the gaps.

Day 24

Project 365, Day 24 is BANANA

I have a girly girly friend who can't say banana. This is how I think her blog should be headed, to match the business cards and letterheads and stationary and packaging and...

Day 23

Project 365, Day 23 is KIWI

I got frustrated with ugly grapes and stopped with the patterns for today.

I have always loved doodling kiwis. I have no idea why, but it pleases me to do so. This was a break from the concentration of pattern making in Illustrator, of which I still do not have the hang of, and served as a test to see if I could draw in Illustrator as I am used to doing in Photoshop. I really DO need to get comfortable with this program. I know all of the benefits, but I supposed in a way I have higher expectations of what I want to do, than I can actually do right now.

Daily practise is sure to help me!

Day 21

Project 365, Day 21 is was GRAPES

Not loving this one. But I got something done for the day. I like the idea - using just a geometric shape to try to represent the subject, I just think I rushed and put down any colours/layout I could on my laptop before I went to bed. Heh. I do have a couple of further ideas now that I can develop later to make it look more like packaging for wine rather than an ugly wallpaper border.

Look at me getting into the habit of mock-ups though! [VERY PROUD STUDENT FINALLY GETTING THE MESSAGE]

Day 22

Project 365, Day 22 is CHERRY

That's not a typo. Daily designing is alot harder than you might think. It would help if the person choosing the themes would upload in the morning rather than late at night.

I want this print.
I want it on a t-shirt.
I want it for the House, ready for move-in day.

Day 20

Project 365, Day 20 is LIME

I did this as a complimentary pattern to the LEMON design. Well, citrus is citrus yes? Excuse the quality, for some reason my Illustrator hasd ecided not to let me save jpg files. I think it's missing the sun.

The print has turned out smaller than it looked on screen...something to do with working at A4 then reproducing onto a bigger canvas perhaps? Something to look into.

Day 19

I tweaked the list from daily drawings to daily designs. Hopefully this will widen my vision for design-related works and gives me a chance to work on creating patterns. This is a part of commercial design that I am drawn to [I HAVE JUST ORDERED MY THIRD PATTERN-RELATED DESIGN BOOK], though I haven't created much myself. I repeat things when I doodle, but I think the only complete pattern I have made was for a Tigerprint competition last year. Here is the first of many patterns of 2011.

Project 365, Day 19 is LEMON



An idea that has been bouncing around in my head for a while now, I only noted it down after playing around with some watercolour. How the two are connected I don't know, but I have learnt that it doesn't matter so long as you get the idea!

Project 365

I have wanted to set myself a drawing every day challenge for a while now, and yet it's one of those things I keep pushing back. I'm bad at setting myself projects you see. Thankfully there are a few ways to get over this, and mine is having someone else pick the daily theme for me.

I'm a few days late, but I will be able to catch up on days 1-18. Later today will be my first design: Day 19.


I'm using my own sketch/notebook more, though I must admit, the moleskins I bought in London are still unopened, still in the plastic wrap. These are just in a cheapo notebook from Wilcos. I like this notebook. It has cream coloured pages, which unlike stark white, makes me WANT to doodle over it. [I MAY HAVE TO GET SOME MORE BEFORE THE SPRING RANGE TAKES OVER...]

One of my resolutions is to do and share more of my doodles, thus making me act upon some of the ideas I get.

Do you doodle?

New Start

I consider this coming week as my first week of the year. Last week was the official start of term, but we were still dealing with hand-in for the lasts emseter, so I didn't really count that week. Now it's all new and shiney...and the sun is out. Great start to the year!

We have three new classes, Advanced Design Practice, which is currently dealing with contemporary design. This means all my blog stalking will come in handy. Graphic Identity which I am anxious about as I am not a logo designer in any sense of the word, and Negotiated Project which I am very excited about.

I am exploring the concept of The Book, and I must admit I thought perhaps it was too big an idea for me to get my head around, but while explaining to Mum on the phone about it, I got all excited and went straight for the computer to research. Can't be a better sign for being on the right track really?

Twenty Eleven

2011 is the year of the Rabbit [IT'S NOT CHINESE NEW YEAR YET BUT ANYWAY...] which is my year!

I should be really lucky this year, and I must say I have LOTS of things planned for the coming months. Including [IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER] moving home, a new job, beginning the last year of my degree, a new blog revamp and the set up of a little online design shop.

I'm really excited to start...though I don't count this year as starting until I'm back at uni on the 4th.

So to all you fellow Rabbits out there HAVE A GREAT YEAR, and to everyone else, I'm sure yours will be fab too :)