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Jo just introduced me to a new network/portfolio site IdeasTap.

I haven't had a chance to look around the site fully, but it seems like a very good way of meeting, and potentially collaborating with, other creative people. You can set up a profile and portfolio, and use this to advertise your talent for profit. The site is a charity organisation so free to use, and free for employers to advertise jobs that they need filling.

I think, for all us students, exposure and networking is one of the biggest challenges for us, as the only creatives we see are the people at university. Apart from the odd exhibition or collaborative project, the university doesn't offer much in the way of helping you get your name out there.

So here is a way for us to get started!
Even if you only meet one person, who knows what it could lead you to.
Add me to your network here.

Huf Haus

This is my favourite build on Grand Designs. Im watching the tail end of it now for perhaps, the fourth time. I know alot of people will not like the fact that it is pre-made in sections, many won't like that it's German. But you know what. I love all that.
Why not have something that's part-built away from your nice plot of land. I suppose it's like flat-pack. And I love flat-pack too!

Glass. Big glass panels. Open plan spaces. Split roofing. German engineering. Surely no-one can deny them of that one!?

I would have this house in an instant [in white of course]...my problem would be choosing from all the designs in the Huf Haus Show Village!

[Love this street in London]


New Finds

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for inspirations online, be it blogs, photo share sites or even things people say on Facebook.

Is it a good or bad thing that one of our tutors has given me two new sources for such wonders? I can spend hours click clicking my way through blogs about cakes, how many days will I spend looking at graphic and illustration things now!

Has you found Delicious or Stumble Upon?
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Be warned, you will lose your weekends.