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So I have finally organised myself in regards to the work I need to complete for January 4th.

I didn't think I really needed to do this sort of thing, but it turns out, it helps me ALOT. My brain is now somewhat free of whirling thoughts about random projects that would give me depressing headaches.
Writing things down is a great destresser!

This is my AWESOME-IN-YOUR-FACE-YELLOW-POST-IT-PROJECT-TO-DO-LIST wall. Stategically placed above my comp so that I can see it. When I get the urge to surf or blog or game, I cross something off first. I don't have as much to do in certain projects as I thought I did, so I'm panicking less and less about it all.I just need to make sure I have a stash of ink cartridges before everything shuts for Crimbo.

UCS Christmas

Unfortunately I'm going to miss the chance to enter a Christmas card into the UCS competition. The sacrifices us students make to earn some living money!

I thought I'd share some of my doodles on here as I don't have much current work up on here yet.



Who has To-Do Lists?

I like them. I have multiples of them. Perhaps that's not so productive. Gina has some tips to make to-do lists do-able here.

"use specific, active verbs"

Class doodles

It all started with a teacosy, and ended up a page of British Tea Time.

I have teapots on the brain with our current SOMETHING FROM NOTHING project. It's going quite well I think, so far...I'm managing to keep an open mind and not plan ahead to the final product. I am actually really enjoying the concept behind it. It's all about an idea being completely separated from the subject, sort of. Take a random object [mine being a teapot-shaped tea infuser] and play around with it to see what happens.

I had a trick when I was little and didn't know what to draw. A friend of mine wrote down words on bits of paper and I would choose one out of an envelope when I was feeling creative. This project is a little like that. Maybe that's why I like it.

Can anyone think of a film/scene/song/story/artwork that features a teapot?
'I'm a Little Teapot' has been mentioned already, sorry.

Paper Trickery

This is a cool bit of paper engineering.

Crew Design: Time Lapse Magazine Spread Layout

I found this whilst researching. Yes I got distracted. But this IS infact related to what I'm researching. No, it really is.

Crew Design: Time Lapse Magazine Spread Layout

View...especially if you think your friend/child/co-worker isn't doing much at all on their Graphic Design course. Mum.

Wood Type

I really do like this sort of thing. I think I am gaining more appreciation for typography since I started the course...it was definitely something I was not interested in.



Now, I would happily have some type on my walls...probably in a font that 'real' Graphic Designers would hate me for. Graphic Designers with typography are kind of like wine connoisseurs; they know the difference between a full-bodied red and a crisp white.
I just drink whatever I think tastes good!

I have decided to choose Handmade Typography as the working title of my essay for Critical & Creative Approaches to Design this semester, and I am in the process of developing my own personal project involving words and type.

Look at me go!

Wood Type

Even Graphic Designers have leftovers. I'm all for wood type at the moment, be it letterpress blocks or wallart...is this gorgeous or what?

Picture 14

Picture 16

Find the original post here.

Classroom doodles

You can doodle at the pc...even with a mouse


Jo just introduced me to a new network/portfolio site IdeasTap.

I haven't had a chance to look around the site fully, but it seems like a very good way of meeting, and potentially collaborating with, other creative people. You can set up a profile and portfolio, and use this to advertise your talent for profit. The site is a charity organisation so free to use, and free for employers to advertise jobs that they need filling.

I think, for all us students, exposure and networking is one of the biggest challenges for us, as the only creatives we see are the people at university. Apart from the odd exhibition or collaborative project, the university doesn't offer much in the way of helping you get your name out there.

So here is a way for us to get started!
Even if you only meet one person, who knows what it could lead you to.
Add me to your network here.

Huf Haus

This is my favourite build on Grand Designs. Im watching the tail end of it now for perhaps, the fourth time. I know alot of people will not like the fact that it is pre-made in sections, many won't like that it's German. But you know what. I love all that.
Why not have something that's part-built away from your nice plot of land. I suppose it's like flat-pack. And I love flat-pack too!

Glass. Big glass panels. Open plan spaces. Split roofing. German engineering. Surely no-one can deny them of that one!?

I would have this house in an instant [in white of course]...my problem would be choosing from all the designs in the Huf Haus Show Village!

[Love this street in London]


New Finds

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for inspirations online, be it blogs, photo share sites or even things people say on Facebook.

Is it a good or bad thing that one of our tutors has given me two new sources for such wonders? I can spend hours click clicking my way through blogs about cakes, how many days will I spend looking at graphic and illustration things now!

Has you found Delicious or Stumble Upon?
You can find me here and here.

Be warned, you will lose your weekends.



Back to Business

Today marks the end of Welcome Week at uni.
We had the usual Health and Safety talks and our 2nd annual GETTING-TO-KNOW-YOU cross-year trip. This year, we all took at trip to Felixstowe. Which although was somewhat draining on the brain [!] it did get me thinking about the year to come and what I want to get out of it.

I'm proposing alot of new things for this year, including practising new techniques, more drawing, a personal study group and a reflective journal. This is something I had to do whilst at [A DREADFUL YEAR AT]Colchester Institute, that I found very helpful in recognising how I work as a designer...the things I enjoyed and the things I found I needed to work on.

Can't wait to start our first projects. Roll on Monday!


I know it's almost over BUT...

The art-blog will be offline until I'm back at uni :)
For my current ramblings check out my personal blog here.

See you next term!

Perfect Symmetry

Perfect Symmetry, originally uploaded by BBMaui.


I spilt the salt.

This was my immediate reaction. I'm definately on the right course.


Have you seen the new UK iTwist advert?

How close can you get an iPod advert without causing trouble, I wonder.
The first time I saw this, I did think it was the next generation of the Shuffle, but alas, we have the new wrap from KFC.

I suppose there will be alot of people ranting about it ripping off Apple, but I'm sure they won't mind too much. I mean, the amount of copycats is, in it's own way, a measure of success!


All you can find here is tagging. I wish I could wield a spraycan and do some real 'damage' on the white space of Ipswich.


I'm not sure where I found the link for this, another happy accicdent!

Nike78 is a collection of 78 artists who were asked to challenge the function of Nike trainers. Each were sent a pair of new, boxed Nikes and could create anything from/with them usng sport as their inspiration. The full collection will be showcased at the London Design Festival 2010.

It's always companies like Nike, Adidas etc who do these sorts of artist collaborations. I suppose it's because they trying to connect with a young, fun, creative market. It's not just about sportswear...I mean most people who wear these are in it for the fashion rather than it's aid to fitness. They are all about creating limited editions for 'collectors'.

I'm not into trainers. I'm not really into collecting. I don't even have that many shoes...for a girl. But I do love sets of things. All you designers will understand the importance of odd numbers :) And I love the idea of being given a seemingly arbitrary object and creating something new, [IT'S KIND OF LIKE OUR IDEAS GENERATION PROJECT YEAR ONE] and seeing all the different outcomes from other people involved.

This one is my favourite. But you already knew that didn't you.


You know...I really don't understand some of things that come out of Illustration degrees.

I've stumbled across a few during my distracted blog surfing and I just don't get it. Do people really pay for that sort thing? Or is it more of creative freedom while at uni? Which is great if you can grow [AND PASS] on that...but is that going to prepare you for the real world? I mean...I've not really seen anything like that sort of illustration around, apart from what's done by students.

Don't get me wrong, some student work I have come across is amazing. I-WISH-THAT-WAS-MY-IDEA kind of work. Has even made me wonder if I should do the Graphic Illustration pathway myself. Yeah it didn't last long. I can't draw on cue. No really, I can't. Much to my [AND MY MOTHER'S ALL THROUGH HIGH-SHCOOL] frustration.

I shall stick to doodles...and patterns heh.

Typographic Greetings

I got in to the idea of Typography during the Ideas Gen project last semester, and I have noticed myslef noticing more and more styles and uses in everyday life. Not at all a self confessed Typography Geek [LIKE SOME OF MY CLASSMATES AND GRADUATES], but it's all rather interesting.

Found via a favourite of mine, I loved the concept behind mixing well-known typefaces with phrases to make an original yet simple greetings card. I started thinking of a mini-project to occupy me during the quiet spells at work...and clicked onto the A. Favourite website...where they have continued their great start, with stars including Bodoni, Garamond [WHICH I THINK I HAVE SEEN SOMEWHERE BEFORE] and Helvetica.

I would still like to come up with some more...

Is he okay?

My laptop.
It's making...not usual noises from underneith.

Please Apple, God of MacBooks and i-goodies, do not let mine die on me. I'll be good, I promise.
Sincerely Yvie.

It can be done

While I was De Montford University I was lucky enough to meet a great guy and artist called Del. He was studying Games Design and along with the love of art and anime we hit it off! Although I left and moved back home to continue my studies we kept in contact and I was a regular blog stalker of his :)

He was always one to work hard, and knew what he wanted to get out of his course...
And he did it.

On Wednesday he got accepted into the career he wanted after a successful interview. He graduates this year...as in...he has JUST finished.

He has proven that with hard work and dedication you really can get do whatever you want. The art world IS a hard place to get into, but no matter what people say it can be done!

Here comes the Summer

Well...this is SUPPOSED to be Summertime. Good ol' English Summertime and it's raining.

I have now officially caught up on all my sleep from the manic handin week aswell as tidying up the studio, so that it doesn't look like a paper-bomb exploded in there! I've also been picking up a few extra hours at the cafe which [ON THE WAITING BEHIND THE BAR FOR CUSTOMERS NIGHTS] has given me some time to think about what I want to DO during this time off. Thus, here are my Summer Resolutions!

I will practise more photography

I will update atleast once a week.

I will do more art for fun.

I wake to bake more.

Not too much to think about. I mean all I have is the cafe otherwise. And TV. I really don't want to succumb to THAT anytime soon.
Don't worry! This blog will not get overrun with cupcakes and chocolates and things...that will be posted on my personal blog.

Click here for all the sweet treats and crafy things and let's here it for the Summer!


Strike Three and Im Out!

That's all folks!

First year of my degree complete. It's funny how immediate you can feel less stressed. As soon as I had handed over my folder, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoudlers.
Now it's the waiting game.
Results are in the first week of July, and I know Im not going to do as well as I want to, but that is something that I will work on ready for the second year.

Strike Two

Second hand-in is all done. This was for History of Modern Graphic Design and I admit I am not happy. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I couldn't get all that I wanted to be done, done, so I had a bit of a mope last night [AAW]

Had my last tutorial for Ideas Generation before hand-in on Friday.
Not good.
Ever get into a situation and you wish that you were just told in the beginning...



Strike One

After a very long night my first round of hand-ins is done.

Type as Image, which has turned out to be my favourite this semester, is all over!
I was worried about my time management but thanks to some good habits in January, I had most of my module book already complete. It was trying to figure out Adobe Premier at 3am with a rapidly slowly computer that did me over...

Really pleased with my Blurb pages [CAN'T GO WRONG WITH MACRO SHOTS] and hopefully the entire classes finals will be published.
I have volunteered to help put together the book...being able to organise text and images for a book is a handy skill to have I think!

Images to be posted later today.


I realise although I have been trying to keep uptodate with reading blogs, I haven't actually updated my own for a while.

We have 2 weeks left of the semester [AND THE END OF YEAR ONE] and things are getting manic in the studio...more appropriately, the flat. I have completely ramsacked the place with sketchbooks and papers and pens and pencils and many many To-Do-Lists.

Thus my poor deglected blog!
Roll on the 21st, being my last hand-in day and the unveiling of my Summer Resolutions.

Foody design

I love food.
I love design.

Things like this make me smile.

One day I WILL create some edible design.


I quite like the look of this font.
So do these guys.
Great stuff.

Dear Typography

We're looking alot at Typography this semester, with two classes involving it at the moment. This is something I didn't know about, or was really bothered about it. I am a changed girl. I always knew it was a fundamental part of Graphic Design [DOY] but what I didn't realise was that there are alot of interesting things that come with it.

And I've noticed that I'm noticing more typography in life! Love this by The Birds and The Beasts.


Justice Served

One part of our Ideas Generation project, and Type as Image for that matter, is to create a video animation as a type of advertisment for what we have created

I don't know about the other students, but I am NOT an animation kind of girl. I dropped it at ND for textiles. So naturally, I was freaking out. STILL AM A LITTLE BIT

Then I played this video and had a few ideas of what I could do...possibly.

Turning into a Twit...

I don't really get Twitter.
I have had no interest in reading the random [SORRY, ERM POINTLESS] ramblings of bored students and office employees, however, I have found a very interesting one.

This is the Twitter-feed-thing [HEH] of Jim Balakshin who won last year's Rethink Scholarship, which I blogged about in my last post.

I think perhaps it's because it relates to me as a designer that I appreciate this Twitter, or maybe because I have a very-quickly-developing-into-obsessive fascination with art blogs. More likely, it's due to the fact the Graphic Design is still new to me, and I am loving finding out more about it.

Who are your favourites designers or designs?

Design Inspiration

Found this video via a new blog by a fellow Print and Pattern reader, Amanda Lincoln.

It is perfect inspiration for all designers, and aswell as being a source of inspiration, it's one of those things you just have to have on your bookshelf [ALTHOUGH I DONT THINK ITS AVAILABLE TO BUY]

Rethink Scholarship at Langara 2010 Call for Entries from Rory O'Sullivan and Simon Bruyn on Vimeo.

It makes me think of the ABC pop-up book I actually got the chance to look through, thanks to Lindsay, and our Manifesto Project.

Mother's Day Typography

I didn't enter this competition from the guys at Tigerprint, I think I need a bit more practise with type...however the deadline is midnight tonight and I have my favs!




Can't wait to see who wins this one, and what the enxt competition brings!

Happy Egg Weekend

This is one of my favourite times of year...along with Halloween and Christmas [ARE THERE ANY OTHER HOLIDAYS ANYWAY?] I spent last wekkedn with Mum looking through her Spring Ideal Home magazines. Everything is fresh and colourful and HAPPY!

Have a great long weekend!


Paper of choice

What do you like to doodle on?
Are you a lined paper person for lists and journals, a strictly sketchbook user, perhaps you like to use up the odd bits of envelopes...

I have scraps evrywhere. The afformentioned envelope tear-offs [BEFORE THEY GO INTO RECYCLING] are one of Simon's pet peeves =]
I saw this post and love the textured feel it gives the illustrations...I will have to make a notepad using my trusty tools [HEH TOOLS].

Results will come when I've done my homework!

Love Typography Over

Well, I had to post some of my favourites from the Tigerprint entries didn't I!



Finger crossed!

Tigerprint Competition III

Yup, another competition. I really like doing them...it's a way of taking a break from university work, but keeping the creative flow going!

This is the Love Typography where you can design a card, but it's focus must be type as opposed to mainly illustration. I thought it interesting as typography is one of our classes this semmester...I wonder what Dave would make of my entries?


Would you buy one of these as an online personalised card?

Class doodles

I will never forget Bruce.

"Always carry a notebook"

I think I am getting used to this doodling business.
I don't have to do things perfect EVERY time.
I like it...and yes, it will probably end up as a pattern, or two. Shush.

Quoted I

A beautiful, and difficult, quote.


Snail Mail

I am a BIG fan of handwritten letters. Infact, any mail gets me a little excited.
Remember when you were young and it seemed EVERYONE in the house was getting things in the post except you. You had to wait a whole year to get that stack of cards all addressed to you on your birthday.

I don't think people write enough.
Me included.

I saw this and sat down and wrote to a dear friend who lives in another part of the country.
I'm hoping to send more of my own design, but here are some of my favourite sets.




Point me in the direction of your favourites too!