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I'm not sure where I found the link for this, another happy accicdent!

Nike78 is a collection of 78 artists who were asked to challenge the function of Nike trainers. Each were sent a pair of new, boxed Nikes and could create anything from/with them usng sport as their inspiration. The full collection will be showcased at the London Design Festival 2010.

It's always companies like Nike, Adidas etc who do these sorts of artist collaborations. I suppose it's because they trying to connect with a young, fun, creative market. It's not just about sportswear...I mean most people who wear these are in it for the fashion rather than it's aid to fitness. They are all about creating limited editions for 'collectors'.

I'm not into trainers. I'm not really into collecting. I don't even have that many shoes...for a girl. But I do love sets of things. All you designers will understand the importance of odd numbers :) And I love the idea of being given a seemingly arbitrary object and creating something new, [IT'S KIND OF LIKE OUR IDEAS GENERATION PROJECT YEAR ONE] and seeing all the different outcomes from other people involved.

This one is my favourite. But you already knew that didn't you.


You know...I really don't understand some of things that come out of Illustration degrees.

I've stumbled across a few during my distracted blog surfing and I just don't get it. Do people really pay for that sort thing? Or is it more of creative freedom while at uni? Which is great if you can grow [AND PASS] on that...but is that going to prepare you for the real world? I mean...I've not really seen anything like that sort of illustration around, apart from what's done by students.

Don't get me wrong, some student work I have come across is amazing. I-WISH-THAT-WAS-MY-IDEA kind of work. Has even made me wonder if I should do the Graphic Illustration pathway myself. Yeah it didn't last long. I can't draw on cue. No really, I can't. Much to my [AND MY MOTHER'S ALL THROUGH HIGH-SHCOOL] frustration.

I shall stick to doodles...and patterns heh.

Typographic Greetings

I got in to the idea of Typography during the Ideas Gen project last semester, and I have noticed myslef noticing more and more styles and uses in everyday life. Not at all a self confessed Typography Geek [LIKE SOME OF MY CLASSMATES AND GRADUATES], but it's all rather interesting.

Found via a favourite of mine, I loved the concept behind mixing well-known typefaces with phrases to make an original yet simple greetings card. I started thinking of a mini-project to occupy me during the quiet spells at work...and clicked onto the A. Favourite website...where they have continued their great start, with stars including Bodoni, Garamond [WHICH I THINK I HAVE SEEN SOMEWHERE BEFORE] and Helvetica.

I would still like to come up with some more...

Is he okay?

My laptop.
It's making...not usual noises from underneith.

Please Apple, God of MacBooks and i-goodies, do not let mine die on me. I'll be good, I promise.
Sincerely Yvie.

It can be done

While I was De Montford University I was lucky enough to meet a great guy and artist called Del. He was studying Games Design and along with the love of art and anime we hit it off! Although I left and moved back home to continue my studies we kept in contact and I was a regular blog stalker of his :)

He was always one to work hard, and knew what he wanted to get out of his course...
And he did it.

On Wednesday he got accepted into the career he wanted after a successful interview. He graduates this year...as in...he has JUST finished.

He has proven that with hard work and dedication you really can get do whatever you want. The art world IS a hard place to get into, but no matter what people say it can be done!

Here comes the Summer

Well...this is SUPPOSED to be Summertime. Good ol' English Summertime and it's raining.

I have now officially caught up on all my sleep from the manic handin week aswell as tidying up the studio, so that it doesn't look like a paper-bomb exploded in there! I've also been picking up a few extra hours at the cafe which [ON THE WAITING BEHIND THE BAR FOR CUSTOMERS NIGHTS] has given me some time to think about what I want to DO during this time off. Thus, here are my Summer Resolutions!

I will practise more photography

I will update atleast once a week.

I will do more art for fun.

I wake to bake more.

Not too much to think about. I mean all I have is the cafe otherwise. And TV. I really don't want to succumb to THAT anytime soon.
Don't worry! This blog will not get overrun with cupcakes and chocolates and things...that will be posted on my personal blog.

Click here for all the sweet treats and crafy things and let's here it for the Summer!