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Muse Project

New post on my current designs for Graphic Identity and some photos of the Pick Me Up 2011.

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Moving blog

I'm moving my blog to a new home!

In class we were talking about setting up an online presence for ourselves as designers, and how important it is to be consistant. Nigel said that he wished that he bought www.nigelball.com (his name) when it was available to purchase.

I love my name. I love the weirdness of it's spelling, I love that I have 2 double-barrels. I even love that I'm at the other end of the alphabet. So...all my design work will be moving over to Yviemarie. I must admit I like the idea of having a studio name, but what can be more ME than this? I hope that there will be projects and collaborations on the cards soon, but I'm going to focus on showing more of ME and my work...although the redesigning will happen later after deadlines!

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Here it is, all finished!
A {LONG OVERDUE} gift for my Dad. He doesn't get to see much of my art, so I thought he should have one to put on his wall!

This is an original design, sketched out during class, scanned and editted in Illustrator, then finally hand-cut with my trusty scalpel.

This is definately and idea I will continue developing. I really want to try a white on white version...maybe for a wedding? This has also given me an idea for my current Negotiated Project which is looking at books.

Sneak peak

Something I have been working on. Not uni-related, but I find this process very thereputic...I get the same feeling of calm when papier-mache-ing. {THAT'S MY SECOND MADE UP WORD OF THE DAY!}


Great animation for all stduents, designers, and public alike. Spotted here.

Procrastination from ism studios on Vimeo.

Welcome advice

A little while ago we had some posters up in the studio done by the 3rd years. Things I wish I knew was a project to give advice to the 1st year design students.

Today I found this site, which is an ongoing project of the same idea.


As a 1st year, new to the university and design course, wouldn't you love to receive a piece of Graphic Design to welcome you and put up on your dorm wall - from someone who has been through the same thing as you?
I would have done...maybe next year's newbies will have.


Sometimes, all you have to do is be honest and ask. Days booked off work, deposit paid and I can't wait to start listing the things I want to do and see. I'm going on an art trip this Summer, can you guess where?


I stumbled on this while looking up designs to add to my Advanced Design Practice module. It's something that should be documented and sat in wonder at.

This alphabet designed by Stuart Whitton is a great way of using found objects to make your own type. Granted you see this alot. What makes this stand out is that it is infact pencil drawings of said found objects. Painstaking genious.
Some letters are left deliberately unfinished to better show the form of the letter. See each individual letters here.

Day 28

Day 28 is UNIQUE

This is a pattern made from my fingerprint made using a differnet way of creating seamless patterns. It is easier to place your imagery, but harder to know how it will look once tiled. I lvoe the idea, colour and style of this...but I think I would prefer the pattern to be more abstract. You can see the repeat too easily.

Look at me keeping up with the pace! I must admit, I'm thinking about the next day's drawing and it's distracting me from researching homework.

Day 27

Project 365, Day 27 is LISTEN

Day 26

Project 365, Day 26 is Minun

This is another Pokemon, who looks the same as the Plusle but different colours and symbol. As in plus and minus. Clever. So what did i do? A co-ordinating pattern! I don't know why, but the pattern looks Christmassy to me...I will have to try this one out in blue/white/silver and red/white/green.