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Moving blog

I'm moving my blog to a new home!

In class we were talking about setting up an online presence for ourselves as designers, and how important it is to be consistant. Nigel said that he wished that he bought www.nigelball.com (his name) when it was available to purchase.

I love my name. I love the weirdness of it's spelling, I love that I have 2 double-barrels. I even love that I'm at the other end of the alphabet. So...all my design work will be moving over to Yviemarie. I must admit I like the idea of having a studio name, but what can be more ME than this? I hope that there will be projects and collaborations on the cards soon, but I'm going to focus on showing more of ME and my work...although the redesigning will happen later after deadlines!

Click here, here or here for the new blog.