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Free online classes

The New year not only brings us the rush of diets and gym memberships, and the diy bug, it brings the new classes available by Creativetechs.

I have enrolled on two classes so far, Photoshop and Illustrator CS4 basics [ALTHOUGH THE ILLUSTRATOR ONE I FIZZLED OUT OF], and I have just signed up for the Wednesday InDesign class.

It's basically a live tutorial.
The guys in Seattle host a presentation-type tutorial to a few people in their studio and because they are so gracious, they link the 'seminar' to us all FOR FREE through the internet.
Think webcam to webcam...minus the webcams.
Webinar. Clever.
Because it's live, you get the chance to ask questions if there's anything you dont quite understand.

So anyways, I though I would let you all into my little secret training resource.
The full ist of classes for 2010 is here