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Almost ready to start

It's my last week of my holiday [*AHEM* INTER SEMESTER BREAK] and I am more than ready to start the next half of the year. Grades are in, and I'm very pleased with myself...considering the rushing around, late nights/early mornings to get done!
I feel like I am definately doing something right, and I'm doing well at it.

Just finished the last batch of private work for Southern Cement, so hopefully the bag designs will go into production soon.

Tigerprint has another competition on the cards, so I've been doodling away and have some ideas ready to vector...deadline is the 11th Feb for anyone who wants to enter here.

Made my first sketchbook with my lovely new stapler for our 'homework'...although I think I used too many pages and the staples aren't staying put! Lesson learned. I'm hoping to sell them, but I think I'll work on the blog before heading over to Etsy.

I can finally post up some images of MY art and turn this into a real art blog!