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New Start

I consider this coming week as my first week of the year. Last week was the official start of term, but we were still dealing with hand-in for the lasts emseter, so I didn't really count that week. Now it's all new and shiney...and the sun is out. Great start to the year!

We have three new classes, Advanced Design Practice, which is currently dealing with contemporary design. This means all my blog stalking will come in handy. Graphic Identity which I am anxious about as I am not a logo designer in any sense of the word, and Negotiated Project which I am very excited about.

I am exploring the concept of The Book, and I must admit I thought perhaps it was too big an idea for me to get my head around, but while explaining to Mum on the phone about it, I got all excited and went straight for the computer to research. Can't be a better sign for being on the right track really?