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So I have finally organised myself in regards to the work I need to complete for January 4th.

I didn't think I really needed to do this sort of thing, but it turns out, it helps me ALOT. My brain is now somewhat free of whirling thoughts about random projects that would give me depressing headaches.
Writing things down is a great destresser!

This is my AWESOME-IN-YOUR-FACE-YELLOW-POST-IT-PROJECT-TO-DO-LIST wall. Stategically placed above my comp so that I can see it. When I get the urge to surf or blog or game, I cross something off first. I don't have as much to do in certain projects as I thought I did, so I'm panicking less and less about it all.I just need to make sure I have a stash of ink cartridges before everything shuts for Crimbo.