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I'm not sure where I found the link for this, another happy accicdent!

Nike78 is a collection of 78 artists who were asked to challenge the function of Nike trainers. Each were sent a pair of new, boxed Nikes and could create anything from/with them usng sport as their inspiration. The full collection will be showcased at the London Design Festival 2010.

It's always companies like Nike, Adidas etc who do these sorts of artist collaborations. I suppose it's because they trying to connect with a young, fun, creative market. It's not just about sportswear...I mean most people who wear these are in it for the fashion rather than it's aid to fitness. They are all about creating limited editions for 'collectors'.

I'm not into trainers. I'm not really into collecting. I don't even have that many shoes...for a girl. But I do love sets of things. All you designers will understand the importance of odd numbers :) And I love the idea of being given a seemingly arbitrary object and creating something new, [IT'S KIND OF LIKE OUR IDEAS GENERATION PROJECT YEAR ONE] and seeing all the different outcomes from other people involved.

This one is my favourite. But you already knew that didn't you.