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You know...I really don't understand some of things that come out of Illustration degrees.

I've stumbled across a few during my distracted blog surfing and I just don't get it. Do people really pay for that sort thing? Or is it more of creative freedom while at uni? Which is great if you can grow [AND PASS] on that...but is that going to prepare you for the real world? I mean...I've not really seen anything like that sort of illustration around, apart from what's done by students.

Don't get me wrong, some student work I have come across is amazing. I-WISH-THAT-WAS-MY-IDEA kind of work. Has even made me wonder if I should do the Graphic Illustration pathway myself. Yeah it didn't last long. I can't draw on cue. No really, I can't. Much to my [AND MY MOTHER'S ALL THROUGH HIGH-SHCOOL] frustration.

I shall stick to doodles...and patterns heh.